The following fundraising guidelines have been put together for your benefit.

We want your fundraising event to be an enjoyable experience as well as being safe and legal.

Authority to fundraise.

Prior approval must sought from the board of SERT before any fundraising can be undertaken with SERT as a benefactor.

The event must be conducted in accordance with all applicable laws.

Prior to organising and conducting a fundraising event in the name of South East Radiotherapy you must be 18 years or over (if under 18 years of age, you will need permission from a parent/guardian.

The SERT board will not be liable for any fundraising which does not comply with the above policy.

If you wish to fundraise for SERT you can ring the SERT contact number: 087-1230805.

SERT is a registered charity (CHY Number 22457) and strictly adheres to the legal and moral principles of Irish fundraising. Registered Charity Number (RCN) 20204704

SERT is extremely grateful to its numerous benefactors, including private individuals, fundraising volunteer groups, industry and trade unions. Working within our communities we can, by providing this transport, make a significant impact towards helping cancer patients receive state of the art radiotherapy and improve their outcome.